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Our Company

GIANDEL is a professional Power Inverter manufacturer,and has been a leading power inverter brand in Australia for 10 years.  Welcome to choose GIANDEL inverters. .amazon.com/giandel

Our products lines:

12V Pure Sine Wave inverters £º300W,600W,1200W,2200W ,3000Watt and 4000Watt;

24V Pure sine Wave Inverter:1000W,2000W,3000W,4000W

12V Modified sine wave inverters£º 300Watt,600W,1200W,1600W,2000W,3000W and 5000Watt.

24V Modified sine wave inverter:1200W,1600W,3000W and 5000Watt.

Giandel inverters, more powerful and useful!

Tech Support:  +132 336 65600   Email: support@giandel.com.au




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