Differences between PS-4000QBR and PS-4000QAR inverters

The difference between PS-4000QBR (Black) and PS-4000QAR (Silver):


PS-4000QBR PS-4000QAR

1. The PS-4000QBR model has FCC certification. For example, the model PS-4000QBR can operate the radio without RF interference, but the model PS-4000QAR cannot.

2. Display difference: Model PS-4000QBR has LCD display, which can display waveform, battery power, input voltage, output voltage, output power, frequency and thermometer and various protection codes. The LED display of model PS-4000QAR can only display input voltage and output power and protection code.

3. Remote control difference: Model PS-4000QBR has a large remote control with LCD screen, the display is the same as the inverter LCD screen, with a 30-foot remote cable. The Model PS-4000QAR only has a normal remote with only a fault indicator and a 15-foot remote cable.

4. Warranty period difference: Model PS-4000QBR is guaranteed for 36 months, while model PS-4000QAR is only guaranteed for 18 months.


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